Remembering Me

S.E.N.S. - Natural


Akihiko Fukaura (深浦昭彦) & Yukari Katsuki (勝木ゆかり) formed S.E.N.S. in 1988. Over the years they've done many musical scores for a number of TV dramas & movies, also making it into the anime scene with the score for xxxHolic and Genji Monogatari Sennenki. Filmography: 2007 Crossing Over (鳳凰 わが愛) 2006 Memory in the Womb (子宮の記憶 ここにあなたがいる) 2005 Dead Run (疾走) 2001 Maria [TV] 2000 A.D. 2000 - Don't Shoot Her [TV] (二千年の恋) Read more on

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